How To Buy an Appropriate Indoor Dog Gates

Published: 28th May 2012
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Most pet owners buy dog gates to confine their pets in a safe area or keep them from some rooms especially when people couldn't watch their pets. There are hundreds of indoor dog gates on the market. Different styles are designed for different dog sizes and serve different purposes. Some pet gates are designed for small dogs specifically and some for medium or large breeds. These days, the popular dog gates primarily are metal gates, wood gates and plastic gates. Different materials have their own pros and cons: metal gates are solider than other two gates; wood gates have more advantages in blending with home decors and plastic gates are easier to assemble and set up. The primary styles of pet gates are free-standing gates and pressure mount gates. Although many hardware mounted dog gates can be found, people are more willing to choose the previous two types. The top 3 dog gate brands are Richell, North States and Regalo. Here we will show you how to buy an appropriate dog gate indoor and what we should look at before we make a purchase.

The material of pet gates: we mentioned above that different material gates have different pros and cons. You can make a decision according to your preference. Metal pet gates are very solid and durable and they are great options for those chewers. The biggest advantage is it is very heavy, making it hard to move. Wood pet gates are designed to match home decors perfectly and they are solider than the plastic dog gates. But the chewers can destroy them. Plastic gates have the lightest weight and they can be easily installed and removed. Dogs can chew the plastic and scratch the appearance.

Your dog size: to buy a right dog gates, you need to make sure which size your dogs belong to. Most dog gates show you they apply to what sizes or breeds. For example, you can find Richell Wood Freestanding Pet Gate Large is designed for small dogs or medium breeds 6.6-17.6lbs. Before you buy a gate, check out the gate’s instruction. Another point you should consider is your dog. If he/she is a jumper, you’d better buy a higher gate.

Dog gate size: Make sure the gate you buy can apply to your doorway or hallways. All gates’ instructions show their measurements and what door sizes they fit. You need to check out whether the width of your door is within the ranges the gates support. For example, Richell One Touch 150 Pet Gate fits 3 width ranges 35”-37”, 47”-49” and 59”-61”. So you need to make sure the width of your doorway is within any one range, or you will buy a gate that can’t be installed.

Dog gate types: According to your preference, you can choose the free-standing gate or the pressure mount gate. Free standing gates are very easy to install and they don’t require drilling holes into walls and the floor. In order to protect their walls from the damage, many people choose free standing gate. Many other pet owners don’t like the free standing pet gate because they have to step over it every time when they move from one place to another. Pressure mount pet gates usually have a walk through gate that allows for easy access. At the same time, this type of gates is tall enough for most dog breeds and can’t be jump over. Since it is pressure mounted, it also won’t damage the walls and the floor. The only defect of it is that this type can’t fit wide doorways and hallways.

This article is my own experience about buying a dog gate and I hope it can help you a little. If you are interested it, please visit my site dog gates indoor.

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